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Reputable, luxurious and prestigious "luxury" class Cadillac cars are produced at the plants of the most famous American company General Motors. The proud slogan of this brand are the words that have been mentioned in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America - "Life, Liberty and the pursuit." Cadillac cars remain to be luxury cars for an age long history. Cars of this brand won North America for long ago. They also became very popular in more then 50 countries.

Cadillac cars have always been considered the quintessence of power and prestige. The owner of any of these luxury cars effectively emphasizes this status, because only confident people with a high sense of dignity, opinions and taste can afford the purchase of the vehicle. Cadillac Escalade, for example, has won a reputation of the best of all luxury SUVs designed for active leisure and business travel.

Cadillac car differ from the everyday cars by unique original design. The main special future of this design is the emblem of the Cadillac - V-shaped grille. Roomy, luxury and comfortable car saloon also attracts attention of drivers. It is decorated with leather and wood. Also it is equipped with different control systems, internal light of main components and super mechanisms. Cadillac cars are recognized kings of motor cars class. They are distinguished by a unique body design. Their chic and perfect interior trim accentuates the style of the car. Futuristic body design, LED rear lights, narrow vertical lights and perfect combination of exterior and interior – these are modern Cadillac cars.

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