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In 1968 on the outskirts of the Romanian city of Pitesti there was opened «UAP» plant with the assistance of the famous Renault Company. It was here where Dacia cars started to be produced under the Renault license. It is worth to note that Dacia cars are low-cost cars that are produced for developing markets. Because of low prices it may at first seem that the car is made carelessly and thoughtlessly, but in fact such a relatively low price and good quality are based on the broad base of opportunities of Renault plants, knowledge of engineers and a very rich experience of designers. To be short, Dacia cars have all the components of success.

Over the years Dacia cars change design of the exterior, improve the technical facilities and make the car interior more ennobled. They also improve trimmings and add new options. Dacia cars are a reasonable choice of the people who value reliability, practicality, comfort and affordable prices of the vehicle.

There is no any driver who does not like comfort, safe, quick and economic driving. There is hardly a car enthusiast who would not appreciate these benefits. And if you also take into consideration the manufacturer's warranty of two years with no mileage limit, it becomes clear why Dacia cars are so popular.

Any car owner should be prepared that certain car parts can sooner or later fail. It is important to examine the car in time and replace the required parts. The best place to buy parts for Dacia, Daihatsu, Honda, Ford, Volvo and Opel is our online shop. Here you will find everything you need for your car at moderate prices. And you will not wait for long time, because our delivery terms are the shortest.