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DACIA LOGAN MCV (KS_) Version KW HP year from year to
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.6 Petrol 64 87 02.2007 01.2010  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.6 16V Petrol 77 105 02.2007 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.4 Petrol 55 75 02.2007 01.2010  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.6 MPI 85 Petrol 62 84 05.2010 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.5 dCi (KS0K) Diesel 50 68 02.2007 01.2009  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.5 dCi (KS0W) Diesel 63 86 09.2007 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.5 dCi (KS04) Diesel 55 75 05.2010 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.5 dCi (KS04) Diesel 65 88 05.2010 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.6 16V Hi-Flex Flexfuel 77 105 11.2009 ...  
LOGAN MCV (KS_) - 1.6 Bifuel Bi-Fuel 64 87 11.2008 01.2011  

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