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Daewoo cars have long gained widespread popularity thanks to the amazing combination of durability, build quality and affordable prices. Daewoo company cars are one of the most affordable cars of this class. They meet all the standards of safety and environmental protection as well as good dynamic performance, high level of comfort and low fuel consumption. The manufacturer offers its customers a lot of cars of different models and types of engines. To be short, each customer can choose an optimal solution.

Basically, Daewoo cars represent a typical urban option. They have a compact size, so it is easy enough to find a parking space. And thanks to the manoeuvrability you can very fast move in traffic jams. All these are possible with low fuel consumption. Daewoo cars are mostly used for short trips. The saloon is middle-sized. It accommodates four persons. The first car of many women is Daewoo Matiz. It is easy to operate as it has small size. This is important for beginner drivers. Daewoo Matiz is manoeuvrable and fast enough, so you'll feel confident both in and out of town. This model has attracted the attention of the fair sex for its attractive appearance. The most important thing is that this car is very economical. The fuel consumption is just 6-8 litres per 100 kilometres.

Unfortunately, even the safest cars fail. The reason is very simple. It is necessary to replace one or another part. When replacing Daewoo parts, there is no sense to overpay in specialty shops and repair stations. All necessary spare parts you can buy in our online shop. We also sell parts for BMW, Mazda, Suzuki and Honda.