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Daihatsu is a Japanese company with a century history, the philosophy of which is reflected in the slogan «We make it compact». It is easy to explain the sense of the slogan. The company has always had one goal: to pack dreams and drivers’ demands in a compact format, which will meet traffic conditions and environmental factors that become more stringent. According to the Japanese company developers compactness will be a key concept on the automotive market. Today Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Japanese company Toyota. The cars of this brand are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Hatsudoki company was closed in 1951. After this Daihatsu Kogyo Co. company appeared. Today it produces subcompact cars, economy cars in B and C classes (under the European classification) as well as small and medium size SUVs and light trucks. Daihatsu is rightly described as a great producer of small cars.

By the way, it were Daihatsu developers who managed to design the car with the most economical gasoline engine in the world - Daihatsu Move (except of the cars with hybrid drive). The new car also had a comprehensive development: the wheelbase was reduced, the car became much easier to drive, the level of security increased and rolling characteristics were improved. In case you need to buy parts for Daihatsu, visit our online shop. We will also offer you various parts for Mercedes, Fiat, Rover and Volvo. Moderate prices will be a good surprise for you. You won’t wait for long time to receive the parcel as our delivery terms are very short.