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Dodge is an American carmaker that is produced by the Chrysler company. It was founded in 1990 by talented Dodge brothers. They started their career with the production of the most popular vehicle at the time - bicycles. Later, these two inveterate engineers built up their own plant and started producing exclusive cars. These cars soon became passionately loved by motorists around the world. And not only motor cars and minivans, but also SUVs. Dodge brothers started their business from the ground up. But they managed to get a good pace due to new and relevant technologies.

Today Dodge cars represent a realization of strength and power, grace and perseverance. Every car of this American company driving in different countries is unique. But the most successful these vehicles are on roads in places where there is harsh climate and unsuitable asphalt. Millions of fans of the famous automobile brand appreciate benefits and technical characteristics of all Dodge cars.

All Dodge cars are truly American cars. They are energetic, powerful and functional. On the European market this brand appeared relatively recently. But soon it managed to do itself justice and won the hearts of many motorists. In a word, Dodge cars are worth to be proud of. Ambitious and energetic people dream to drive cars of this famous brand. Dodge cars are always recognizable due to their bright style, exceptional comfort and a guarantee of safety.

Unfortunately, even the most reliable cars fail. There are different causes – accidents or late replacement of parts. There is no need to queue up in service centres or shops to find the part you need. All necessary parts you can buy in our online shop. We also offer spare parts for Lexus, Rover, Toyota and BMW Mini.