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It is no mere chance that classic colour of the Italian "monster" is red. It has its own history. This colour was obligatory for all Italian cars, which were participating in the International Auto Federation Grand Prix in the first half of the last century. A rearing studhorse on a yellow background became the famous logo of Ferrari. The number of Ferrari owners is steadily growing in the past decade. This success was achieved thanks to the innovative technological developments. Red colour is a traditional colour of this car brand.

Uniqueness of Ferrari cars production is combined with high-tech technologies of precision laborious manual work. There is no a production line on the Ferrari plant. Each car is produced by an individual crew of professionals. Ferrari plant is considered to be the most modern one in the world. On an area of 238.000 square meters there are six manufacturing units: Centre for Policy Development, motor, aluminium, assembly engineering, new paint shop and, of course, the test stand. A wind tunnel built by the architect Renzo Piano became the main attraction of the town of Maranello.

Ferrari is the only maker of luxury cars that produces two-door 8 and 12 cylinder sport cars. Italian company on principle refused to participate in projects of creating a coupe with four doors, as well as from sedans and crossovers. Thought, in 1980 it was planned to produce Ferrari sedan with four doors. A lot of clients liked this idea. But the founder of the company Enzo Ferrarilichno vetoed this project and similar initiatives in the future. Lucky owners of Ferrari cars know how expensive spare parts are. If you need to buy any spare part, welcome to our online shop. We offer the most reasonable prices and good delivery terms. In our online store there are also spare parts for Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes and BMW.