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The story of the Italian car company Fiat started many years ago. First it was a small repair shop. Then it became the largest car plant in Italy. In January 2011, Fiat Group company was divided into two sectors - «Fiat SpA», which produces cars and «Fiat Industrial» that produces industrial vehicles.

Today Italian cars are accessible to everyone. Numerous Fiat shops offer cars of different models, of any design performance and configuration. Modern Fiat cars are SUVs and passenger cars that are equipped with modern security systems, improved undercarriage and aerodynamic characteristics.

FIAT cars are very popular around the world. And this is not a chance. This is the appropriateness and result of a balanced development of the Italian company. FIAT is appreciated both for the technical quality and reliability, as well as for bright, fresh and unique Italian style.

Another important factor of Fiat cars popularity is reasoning and the desire of engineers and designers to ensure that every potential buyer to be able to find the appropriate cars. Any Fiat car corresponds to motorists’ demands. That's why a lot of people with different tastes will find an appropriate Fiat car to buy.

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