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Korean economical miracle Hyundai is the largest automobile manufacturer in Korea and the fourth in the world. Hyundai is translated as “modernity”. In addition to many plants in South Korea Hyundai Company also owns dozens of plants around the world - in Turkey, North America, India, Russia, Czech Republic and China.

Hyundai cars are sold in 5000 motor shows worldwide. The company also has an official logo: «New thinking, new possibilities». It is an interesting fact that between the shops of plants there were built large open-air cages with different animals, such as deer, peacocks, rabbits, foxes and others. The goal of this idea was to increase the productivity of engineers who work at these plants. Today Hyundai is one of the few brands that with honour compete with German and Japanese companies in all classes.

Cars of this brand are practical, have high operational reliability and a very attractive price. The most popular models are Solaris, Accent, Tucson, Sonata, Elantra, Porter and many others. Spare parts and Hyundai cars maintenance is probably the perfect combination of European quality and Eastern traditions. Policy of the largest South Korea car manufacturer has a maximum focus on the buyer, following the trends of our time and, of course, the introduction of innovative technologies. In short, Hyundai brand combines speed, reliability, elegant design, stability on the road and exposure in any situation. Any Hyundai car will satisfy the requirements of the motorists.

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