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Isuzu is the first company in the Japanese automotive industry. It was founded in 1916. In 1928 specialists started to produce Sumida lorries. From that same time the company focused on the production of lorries. Today it continues to improve this area. Today the Japanese company Isuzu is the largest in the world that is specializing in the production and sale of dump trucks, lorries and tractors. Distinctive features of this automotive engineering are versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness. Vehicles, produced by Isuzu, are known as sure helpers in business. Japanese company's product range is clearly divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

First include pickups and SUVs produced for the markets of South-East Asia, Europe and the United States. Isuzu cars are also assembled in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, the U.S., Russia and Uzbekistan. Research studies allowed to introduce innovations into production and start production of the most economical and reliable vehicles. This ensured a good reputation on the Japanese market.

Isuzu has long been internationally recognized as the brand of lorries. These vehicles meet the modern requirements of economy and security. They provide their owners security and unlimited use in any, even the most extreme, conditions. But, unfortunately, even the most reliable and powerful cars fail. When you need to buy spare parts for Isuzu lorries and SUVs, you want them to be of original quality, cheap and quickly delivered. We guarantee you all these conditions if you order parts in our online shop. We can also offer you parts and accessories for Citroën, Daewoo, Jaguar and Ford.