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Jeep cars are made in America. They are among the most powerful and reliable off-road vehicles in the world. Comfort, image and power attract potential owners. The Jeep Company currently sells its reliable cars in over then one hundred countries around the world. In Europe, for example, very popular and sold Jeep models are Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.

Jeep cars reflect real American qualities – new technologies and conservatism. For instance, Jeep Cherokee’s story has begun in 1974. That year a car with all-wheel drive and integrated body was produced. In 1992 the first Grand Cherokee ZJ was produced. These vehicles immediately won great interest of the motorists primarily due to its powerful engine and high cross-country ability. Since then they were considered to be the best cars both for actively holidays and business trips.

All car owners face the problem when they need to repair their car. It is also very important to replace worn part to extend the operating life of your vehicle. There are a lot of places where you can buy spare parts for Jeep. But there is no guarantee these parts are original. True connoisseurs know that original parts for Jeep are of a high quality and, therefore, they are reliable and durable in operation. There is no need to call shops and queue up to buy parts of unknown quality. If you need parts for Jeep, our online shop will offer you original part. Order parts for Jeep, Lexus, Volvo and Subaru and we will deliver them in short terms at home.