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Kia Company is one of the oldest industries in South Korea. It has a lot of plants around the world. Kia got the perfect international recognition of the quality of cars around the world. Continuous introduction of new technologies, products’ perfection, the highest quality control and a clear focus on consumer demands ensured a deserved respect.

For the past six decades KIA Motors Corporation makes all their fans glad with a regular supply of new models. Korean cars have always been of a perfect style and high reliability. These qualities are positioned as the main characteristics of Kia products. Developers carefully follow up the latest developments in the field of technical equipment and advantageously introduce them in the production of new Kia cars. The company is one of the fast growing automotive companies.

Kia cars absorb the best technical development in the automotive industry, while maintaining the best traditions of the previous years. Unsurpassed image of Kia cars is created by chief designer Peter Schreyer. One of his creations is a «Tiger Nose» grille, which is the card of the modern Kia. Any new Kia model is a guaranteed success!

Cars of this brand have an astounding success in last years. For example, in 2009 there were sold 1.6 million vehicles and in 2010 - more than 2.1 million cars. Increased demand for Kia cars resulted in increased demand for spare parts for these cars. It is very important the replaceable parts to of the original quality. This is the condition of safe and reliable driving. If you need to buy brake pads or ignition module or other spare parts for this "Korean miracle", please, visit our online store. We offer the shortest delivery terms and the most reasonable prices. Car owners of Peugeot, Renault, Opel and Nissan also will find here parts they need.