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«Lancia Automobiles S.p.A.» is an Italian automaker. Its main production is located in the Italian city of Turin. It was founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia. By the way, Lancia is the world's first car with a V-shaped engine and monocoque body (Lambda, 1922). Stratos, Fulvia and Delta models guaranteed a stylish technological breakthrough. They won a lot of world championships. Known company managed to preserve its excellent style started by its founders.

Italian plant was producing diverse cars. During all the period of production there were no unsuccessful cars. The most uncommon and high speed models found their own fans. It is interesting that in 1960 there was created a "Club of High Fidelity." Only owners of six Lancia cars could become the members of this club.

Modern times create new trends. This is the reason why a new image of Lancia is a glam Italian car. This car carries all traditional values of the brand. They have a high level of style and status, technologies and equipment, comfort and quality decoration. At the same time, Lancia cars are considered to be rather economy. This fact makes them popular on the European market.

It is worth to note that Lancia company makes strict requirements to the quality of spare parts produced at European plants. All parts must be of original quality. In our online shop we sell only original parts (brake shoes, window lifters and many others) at moderate prices. Your order will be delivered to any place indicated by you in short terms. We also sell parts for Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and Dacia.