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Morris Garage Cars is a British company of sport cars. MG cars were regular winners of various competitions, first in Europe and later in the United States of America. The company broke new speed record and reached a lot of success in this field. Morris Garage became known for production of one of the first open two-seater sport cars. The company had ups and downs. However, Japanese destroyed everything. They started to produce small sport cars which had a better design and were of a high quality. After all, to be honest, MG has never been considered safety.

Morris Garage cars with an octagonal emblem are in request of a certain segment of customers. Clients of this company are reach people, who are ready to pay a lot of money for this car that has no excellent technical characteristics but has a unique style. Without claiming to be a world leadership, Morris Garage exists till the present day. It also became a part of the Rover Group. Today the company is working in a full blast. Although it is difficult to predict the future of the company, we can say for sure: Mark Morris Garage will not disappear because of financial problems. It will survive, because it managed to do this in eighty years.

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