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BMW Mini are miniature and nice cars of an awkward shape that come from UK. Today Mini cars are produced by BMW. Mini history began in the middle of the last century. This compact car has been created by a designer Alec Issigonise. At that moment he carried a task for British Motors Corporation. The most successful and selling model was Rover Mini. By the way, this model retained its recognizable design from the last century.

You must admit that we can judge about the drivers’ status by car seat. Modern Mini car seat upholstery hides both filler and seat frame. In addition to all sorts of technical devices that provide safety and comfort while travelling, you can mark out unique quality materials, which make the car interior nice and cosy. Seat designers for BMW Mini also took into account the fact that there must be an optimal temperature for body. That is why the car seat specialists built in a few fans that blow air through the perforated leather upholstery.

The concept of the MINI has always been unique. Till to the present day it has no equal machine size, quality, features and specifications. May be this is the reason why Madonna prefers to drive BMW Mini when she is in London. However, do not forget that sooner or later even the most durable car parts fail. In this case there is no need to go to auto shops and service centres to buy a new part. Just visit our online shop and select the appropriate part. We will deliver it to you in the shortest possible time at a moderate price. We also sell spare parts for Cadillac, Citroen, Ford and Audi.