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Peugeot is one of the famous French carmakers, which is the second largest in Europe. The story of the Company lasts for more then two centuries now. It has established itself as a reliable partner and manufacturer of safe, quality and affordable vehicles. The world's oldest automotive brand is a combination of reliability, comfort, unique design and aesthetics.

Many years later, the Peugeot concern got international fame and deserved respect. Peugeot cars are successfully sold worldwide. Moreover, Peugeot has its exhibition Show-rooms, which are designed not to sell cars but to demonstrate the latest advancements in technology design and sports developments. They also serve for presentations of new companies, selling souvenirs and car accessories. These show rooms are located on the Champs Elysees in Paris, as well as in the capital of Germany Berlin. The largest concern received national and international recognition. It continues to produce hundreds of models, thousands of variants, covering the needs of a wide range of potential users and regular customers.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of Peugeot cars is the availability of maintenance service. Experts have made studies and found out that the maintenance of Peugeot cars costs the owner 28 per cent cheaper than the market average. But despite all these studies, even the most reliable car with low mileage must undergo maintenance and repair. If you need spare parts for Peugeot, you can buy them in our online shop. Our prices are moderate and delivery terms are very short. The assortment of our online shop includes brake shoes, radiator grille and many others not only for Peugeot, but also for such carmakers as BMW, Mercedes, Citroen and Opel.