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Rover Company is a famous British carmaker, which started with the production of bicycles. The first Rover car appeared in the late 19th century. Today every car of the Rover Company is the result of daily work of a team of talented engineers and designers. They use all sorts of ways in order to produce reliable cars that will meet wishes of all motorists.

The main feature of Rover cars is profitability with preserving of high power and torque. Each new car of the Rover Company has a worked out the kinks design, which is notable for bright individuality and high craftsmanship. These qualities are manifested in everything. But the most impressive is passenger compartment finished with high quality materials: leather and wood.

However, their best features Rover cars show in extreme conditions of a snowy city. As the owner of the Rover car you will not have to garage your vehicle with the first snow "until next spring." Night snowfalls, ice, powdered yards and all the charm of the winter city are nothing for reliable Rover SUV. If you appreciate high quality and comfort, safety and reliability, then it is a good choice to buy a four-wheel friend – Rover car. They are notable for assurance and comfort when riding.

Even the safest cars face with pinpricks like failure of some parts. If you need parts for your car, visit our online shop from your own PC. When using original Rover parts, you assure safety of the part itself and of the car. In our online shop you will find a wide assortment of spare parts from toothed wheels to brake shoes not only for Rover, but also for Lexus, Volvo, Ferrari and BMW.