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Once being a Swedish company now Saab belongs to American company General Motors for more then 10 years. Saab cars are notable for safety and excellent characteristics. Combination of advanced technologies and traditional Scandinavian design is embodied in dynamic vehicles for those who truly appreciate the dynamics of everything: communication, work and rest. Saab brand advantages for the entire period of the Company are constant improvement of vehicles, technical innovations and hard work on small things. This is the reason why Saab cars are luxury and stylish. At the same time they are described as cars with sport character and good steerability.

Saab car owners are persons holding the same views. It is a certain number of people who know a lot about good cars and highly appreciate Saab brand. Saab cars have powerful engines, ultimate comfort and excellent dynamics. They represent a unique combination of representativeness of business-class cars and drive of the best sport cars. Saab is an exceptional car brand. It is always recognizable and exclusive.

It is enough just once to steer Saab and you won't be able to refuse to buy this excellent car. It is a great pleasure to drive Saab car. If you own Saab and need spare parts for it, visit our online store. If installing original Saab parts, you ensure safety both of the part and the car. It is that place where you will find spare parts from gear wheel to brake shoes for Saab, Rover, Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes.