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Seat is a Spanish carmaker, which is a part of the Volkswagen group. All Seat cars enjoy advantages of Volkswagen. For instance, even a small Ibiza model is presented in a variety of options. There are available DSG, TSI gearboxes, turbine and sports FR engines. Moreover, you can buy three- or five-door hatchback Ibiza, but also an estate car. Company story extends back almost 100 years.

Today, most Seat cars have a fierce sport character. Spanish Seat brand cars feature an unusual design and hot southern character. The first president of Seat was Jose Ortiz de Echague, who joined the automotive industry after aviation. He was an excellent organizer. It was under his direction when the new company quickly achieved good results. In the reviews of motorists among the main advantages of Spanish cars that are often mentioned practicality, reliability and high security. You get all these at a relatively low price.

If you own Seat car, you faced the problem to find original spare parts. If you install only original parts, you will guarantee compatibility with all components. Due to this you will ensure safety operation and long durability of your car because original parts are less subject to wear. If you need spare parts for Seat, visit our online shop without leaving your office or house. Here you will find a wide range of parts from gear wheels to brake shoes not only for Seat, but also for Jeep, Honda, Daewoo and Cadillac.