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The first Smart car appeared on the market and became available in Europe only in 1998 due to the engineers of the world famous carmaker Daimler Chrysler. Before that time carmakers thought about how to create a car that would easily maneuvers in urban traffic and would not require a lot of space for manoeuvring and parking. Smart cars are very small. They look like Lilliputians in comparison with typical cars. These small cars quickly won the hearts of motorists who want fast and easy driving in the city. These cars often are with right hand driving as they were originally intended for residents of England.

Today you can see Smart cars in automobile sales centres of many countries. It is a real gift for metropolitan cities with difficult traffic and few parking places. Of course, this vehicle is not designed for a large number of people. There exist other vehicles for these purposes. But in the town it is a very comfortable small car. Plant kitting of these cars affects the human imagination. Smart cars have all sorts of security systems, trip computer, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows and many others. The price of Smart cars does not seem to be exorbitant. This is the main argument to buy this small car instead of a “monster” that has high fuel consumption. Smart quickly became popular among people who appreciate comfort, safety and mobility.

It is not expensive to maintain Smart cars. Still, in any case replaceable parts must be of a high quality. Such kind of parts you will find in our online shop. We offer reasonable prices and short delivery terms. You can also purchase spare parts for such brands as Volvo, Subaru, BMW and Suzuki.