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Subaru is the brand name of a powerful Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Translated from the Japanese Subaru means "star-cluster in the constellation Taurus." The main features of Subaru are proprietary developments now applied worldwide – symmetric horizontally opposed engines and all-wheel drive. And, of course, originality and high quality of vehicles that demonstrate superior performance in everyday driving as well as in motor sport. Engineers tend to create high quality Subaru cars that will be in harmony with nature and safety and pleasant to drive both for passengers and drivers.

Subaru owners experience incomparable feelings of driving a car of this brand. It is the feeling of an absolute certainty in your car that is possible due to numerous advantages. For example, high stability and easy steerability, which are supplemented with power and dynamics, refined smoothness together with absolute safety. To be sure Subaru cars are notable for optimal balance of well thought-out and developed innovations and built-in safety of the Japanese car.

When the driver turns or manoeuvres the system of electronic stability compares intention of the driver with the actual behaviour of the car. This comparison is possible due to the steering angle sensor signals, brake pedal sensor and lateral acceleration sensor. The system then corrects the engine output and brake modes of each wheel, which are necessary to keep the car on the desired path.

If you own Subaru car, it is time to think about its maintenance. All necessary spare parts you can find in our online shop at the most reasonable prices. After ordering the part, you will receive it in short delivery terms. All the parts are of a high quality as they are original. Here you can also order parts for other car brands - Lexus, Volvo, Smart and Toyota.