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Cars of this brand made famous the name of a small Japanese town of Toyota. What does the logo of this brand mean? Three circles of elliptical shape are symbols of unity of the Company and customers’ hearts. The third ellipse that crosses two and makes the letter "T" is the indication of the progress in all the languages and technologies that led Toyota to the path of success and prosperity.

Toyota Motor Corporation is a powerful Japanese carmaker, which takes a leading place in the world in terms of volume of the cars produced. Toyota Corporation has more than sixty assembly plants around the world and every day more than 70 000 people work there.

Toyota Company specialists created one of the most unique technologies - hybrid drive system Hybrid Synergy Drive. Its main advantages are affordability and high technological features of Toyota Prius, which has become the progenitor of hybrid technologies. Toyota's engineers constantly tend to reduce the harmful impact on the environment at every stage of production. This tendency can be within view from the model designing, logistics, production and sales right up to recycling of cars at the end of their operation life.

Toyota cars are safe for many years. They pass all international tests for safety with excellent results. This is a basic part of Toyota's reputation on the market and recognition of millions of happy owners of Toyota cars in the world. Unfortunately, even the safest cars sometimes need replacement of parts. If you need to replace parts, place an order in our online shop without leaving your home or office. We sell only original parts that will be delivered to you in short terms. In our online shop there are parts not only for Toyota cars. We also offer a wide variety of spare parts for any car brands, like Lancia, Smart, Peugeot and Mercedes.