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Condenser is a device that extracts heat from the coolant and passes it to the environment or to the coolant liquid. Air-cooled condenser consists of a heat exchanger and fans. Construction and functioning of the heat exchangers is very similar to car radiators and consist of tubes with ribbing. In areas of contact with the tube, plates with ribbing have a side. It is used to increase the contact area and improve heat transfer. For the same reason on the plates with ribbing there are used cuts. They create turbulent airflow that improves airflow of the plates.

The main reasons of condenser failure are mechanical damage and electrochemical corrosion. As a rule, the first part that is damaged in the cooling system is the condenser. This happens because of its location. The only element that protects the condenser is radiator grille.

Such problems actually occur quite often due to the fact that the condenser is the first element of the system, which is in contact with the dust particles, salt, as well as small stones.

Moreover, condenser pipes often fail because of their construction. Also, condenser often fails because of corrosion. Some mechanics suggest this part can be repaired, but there are some reasons not to do this. First, even if the places of loss of vacuum will be successfully welded, because of the large pressure in the near future there will appear new holes. Second, the cost of the condenser removal and replacement and charge of the system with coolant is almost the same as the cost of new parts.

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