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Brake drum is a type of brake system, which consists of a rotating drum and where braking is achieved by pressing the brake shoes against the drum. Brake pads are made of metal elements in the form of a crescent, to which surface are attached the linings, made on the basis of asbestos. Parking brake lever is located on of the pads. Brake shoes are one of the most elements in the car. Driving safety depends on their quality and reliability. There are several strict requirements to the quality brake shoes.

Braking performance must be constant regardless of the mode, in which you operate the brakes. Even after extreme braking at high speed brake shoes should not reduce their effectiveness. Relatively long life. If the shoes in your car brake well, but need to be replaced every few thousand of kilometres, they are worthless. In many ways their operating life depends on many factors and, for the most part, on the individual driving style.

But if you notice that after three thousand kilometres you need to replace the brake shoes, this does not mean that you are an extreme driver. Probably you use bad brake shoes.

Gentle behaviour of brake shoes to the brake discs. Brakes are much more expensive than a set of brake shoes. It is unwise to use such brake shoes that lead to wear of the brake and require often replacement. Reasonable price. Very often drivers try to save and buy brake shoes of an unknown maker at low price. But this economy is not reasonable. Quality costs money, but cheap brake shoes do not meet the requirements mentioned above. In our online shop you can find brake shoes at the best price. Also, here you will find wheel hubs, tie rod, brake hose or muffler.

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