CAR Water Pump + Timing Belt Kit

Water Pump + Timing Belt Kit Information

Centrifugal water pump circulates liquid in the cooling system. The water pump is bolted to the front of the cylinder block. Between the block and the pump housing there is set a gasket. As for the pump housing, it has two pipes. One of them, side, connects the lower radiator pipe, the second is connected to the upper thermostat housing. Thermostat serves automatically to set water temperature. Thus, it accelerates the process of warming up the engine after starting. Water pump drive varies for different engine models.

As for cars with four-cylinder or diesel engine, the water pump is located in the left side of the engine and is driven by the V-belt. Do not forget that it is dangerous to drive without the V-belt of the water pump drive. Otherwise, the consequence would be a serious damage of the engine. In cars with five-cylinder engine water pump is located in the left side of the engine, but it is driven by the timing belt.

Six-cylinder engine starts the pump with the help of the outer side of the timing belt.

Long-standing practice of using water pumps shows that this part is sufficiently reliable in service and does not require serious maintenance. Life cycle of modern pumps is about 50 thousand kilometres. If you hear strange sounds, such as grinding then the water pump works or it appeared to leak, it must be replaced. To install a new water pump, you will need new gaskets for cars with four-, six-cylinder and diesel engines. If you replace the pump in a car with five-cylinder engine, you will need a new seal ring.

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